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this is brooklyn
i love designing interiors; from research to my meticulous execution deck, i enjoy every moment of the project. to be a good interior designer, you need empathy. a well designed home, for example, only comes to life when you’re able to put yourself in another person’s shoes when it matters.
once i started working as an interior designer, i launched projects on a weekly basis, while attending soft openings, getting kudos as a team or as an individual & succeeding in delivering a unique design, which was initially what we wanted to achieve. but as an architect, i was never taught to take a step back & look at things from a marketing perspective.
a few years & a masters degree later, i wondered why the bar that won a design award was closing, or why the dream house designed by a reputable architect was never sold. i then believed that success isn’t just about how a place looks, it’s about the story it tells. so i started studying the market before designing, advising the client on what’s out there & how their brand can pop out. i took everything into consideration; treating each project holistically.
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every story needs a soundtrack. when it came to commercial projects, one of the main elements that played a huge part in the comfort of a consumer was sound. even with a good design, a good selection of music made the project wholesome. i advised on what should be playing in the background, fueling a passion for music in me. this drove me to become a music selector & a dj in my free time.

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designer & strategist by day, dj by night
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